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On August 20-21, 2020, in Gdynia, the VIII edition of the Intermodal Transport Forum took place - the largest and most important event of the TSL industry in Poland. In this event Janusz Piechociński participated in various roles from the very beginning. This year he gave an introductory presentation to the first panel and then moderated the discussion of TSL industry experts invited by him and organizers.

The importance of trade for transport. The world during the trade war USA China.  How did transport preferences in relations between Europe and Asia change as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic?

The expectations of entrepreneurs and the support of the State and local governments for logistics and transport companies in the face of the consequences of social and economic restrictions caused by the actions of governments aimed at extinguishing the pandemic.

Coronavirus and the situation of sea, air and rail transport. The condition of the industry and companies, trade wars, protectionism and nationalism, acceleration of e-commerce and challenges for transport.

Are we facing a historical migration of manufacturing and industrial return to the EU? What can this mean for transport? Increasing international transport accessibility of Poland by ensuring continuity of connections of neighbouring countries with the Polish transport network. How must transport technology change?  Expansion of intermodal international transhipment, border and domestic hubs improving the connection of Polish Baltic ports with neighboring countries of Belarus and Ukraine, as well as Hungary, Slovakia and Kazakhstan.

These and other questions were answered by Janusz Piechociński, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in the years 2012-2015, currently President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Poland-Asia together with invited experts in the first discussion panel entitled 'Transport - Forwarding - Logistics in the era of the global coronavirus pandemic' of the 8th edition of the Intermodal Transport Forum FRACHT 2020.

Below is a presentation given by Janusz Piechociński introducing the panel discussion. The speech lasts 41 minutes, but it is worth listening to a lot of interesting information and theses put forward by the Forum guest.

The organizers of the VIII edition of the Intermodal Transport Forum FRACHT 2020 are:  International Association Europe-North-East (ENEIA) and Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The substantive partner of the Forum was the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Poland - Asia.

The Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation have assumed honorary patronage over the 8th edition of the FRACHT 2020 Intermodal Transport Forum.